Non-return valves are the valves, which are used on a vertical or horizontal pipeline to control the return back flow of water and gas across the pipe. Such valves solve varied operational purposes across domestic, industrial and even irrigational areas.

Significance in domestic area: Non-return valves are often fixed with the water storage tanks at households, especially if the storage tanks are installed on the roof top or high up, and water is flown from a lower level. In such circumstances usually two types of valves are used, the first step valve is the one to release the flow of water, which is then driven up usually by a pressure pump, the second step a non return valve attached to the storage tank, to ensure the resistance of water to flow back downward.

Significance in irrigation: At rural and irrigational level, usually water is channelized from a large open or stored water body. And especially field irrigation demands a constant supply of water in a controlled consistent pressure. A non-return valve just does the justice by controlling the back flow of water and keeping the pressure of the flow consistent.

Significance in industrial level: Various industries including chemical industry and municipality have a great use of non-return valves, in controlling the back flow of water, gases and many other chemical products as well. However, pipes and valves supporting chemical flow are usually designed in accordance to the nature of substance flowing through them. Besides, mostly plastic valves are used widely across the globe for the usage of water and gases.

Likewise, when such valves are demanded for a lot of constant duty and efficacy, they definitely need to be of a great promising quality. Philmac is a very popular and highly recommended name in this regard. Philmac manufactures a high efficiency and long lasting range of non-return valves along with the other various types of valves. Philmac is a name known widely across the globe and usually is found to be one of the top picks by the professionals in their services. In irrigational purposes, generally people use BSP threads as a standard. Philmac with their manufactured range of BSP threads stands compatible not only with their own range but supports fixing compatibility with all the various type of BSP threads available in the market. Such a feature makes it very easy and friendly to be installed and be more of a favorite.

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