The kitchen is an important part of the home. While it is not necessarily true that you spend half of your day there, it is still important that when you actually do, the kitchen is alluring. Buying the right kitchenware online, whether pots, pans or cutlery should be a decision well thought of.


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After all, while the right kitchenware can spruce up your cooking area as well as make the process of cooking much more convenient, the wrong choice could make you feel uninterested towards the kitchen. There are trends of designing and decorating the kitchen. Not everything has to be perfectly finished, whether through the kitchen, furniture or homeware. Make a house a home with our luxury and iconic homeware collection that inspired colours with neutral linens.

Some of these trends are futuristic and for aesthetic pleasure while others for ease of handling. Let’s look at some of the trends in the field of online kitchenware shopping:

The colors- While we’ve grown up with chrome or steel colored kitchenware and it is something that stands out from our childhoods, the latest trend embraces colors. We do not think it was easy to picture candy colors in the kitchen space before 2015 when shades like candy floss pink for pots, zingy lemon colored pressure cookers have made their way to be the popular choice for the cooking area.

It helps by adding an interesting element, spruces up the space.

Glass and Wood- Most homemakers felt like plastics were ruining the feel of their thoughtfully decorated kitchens by looking cheaper than that say, luxurious modular kitchen. That is when kitchenware manufacturers realized that the demand for an alternate material was necessary to excite customers.

They started promoting the sales of glass bowls and bake ware; wooden spoons, pestle and mortar, chopping boards etc. to give a distinct and rustic appeal.

Stainless steel- Around the 80s and 90s, looks and finish had made way for comfort and practicality. Once again, in the 21st century, stainless steel utensils have come into play. The advantage of using stainless steel saucepans and other such utensils is not just limited to sleek design but it also guarantees durability and lasting finish.

You can find such refined stainless steel kitchenware online at many websites such as Arttdinox etc.

Retro styling- From a time where homemakers had much less task-oriented but much snazzier appliances as well as other kitchenware like popcorn dispensers or candy colored utensils, the trend is slowly settling back in.

With themed kitchens being all the rage, many consumers are looking to invest in products that they had previously seen in American adverts from the 1950s and 60s. All around the globe, homemakers have been displaying for an increased liking towards retro styled kitchenware both when it comes to its looks as well as usage.

Ceramic- Gone are the days when choosing kitchenware was a task best left to the decision maker of the house or whoever could make a purchase in less than an hour. Now, with the advent of online kitchenware shopping, people have started paying more attention to this choice.

Ceramics is another material making a comeback. Not only does it lend a good finish but in terms of durability, a hefty ceramic pan or pot comes to second only to stainless steel.

So, now that you know of some trends in the field of kitchenware, what are you waiting for? Go on ahead, shop!