Given my travel experiences in the Greek islands I’ve learned that often the right clothing and a shoe for every occasion are crucial to make the most of your holiday.

First of all, the beach shoes! Often the descents in the paths could be a reason for slipping: I have often moved only with flip-flops, in this case, the advice is to use one with a nice pair of rubber sole. Beware of those flat-soled, perhaps of straw. If you take a small stone may break or cut the risk of hurting yourself!
Beach shoes for the rocks

Beach shoes for the rocks

Rubber sandals or rubber shoes always closed will allow you to walk without problems in all the beaches, even the most difficult. For example, I recall that in the days of strong wind the sea is very rough and the waves that make it difficult to raise cobblestone walkway! If you at the foot of suitable footwear able to move around without any problems!

Tennis shoes or sneakers are perfect in case of excursions. Do not get groped by the sun and by the fact that for many hours you will be in the boat and bring your flip-flops in your bag but wear closed footwear, much safer in case of moving toward the goals of the excursion and boat.

Moreover, in the case of the excursion to the crater avoid open shoes or canvas! I was wearing the day of the ascent of the tiger (a little ‘antiquated ok!) At the end of the day I destroyed them! The heat from the ground you walk on, the bottom lava and uneven put a strain on your feet and your shoes!

Last general advice for women! Avoid high heels, right hand to the comfortable wedges. The roads that cross the city, also the capital Fira, are pebbly and rough, you risk to fall and break you ankle. For once, the elegance leave room for the convenience!