Hair and summer 2013, a fair mix, which can be really fertile, if we exploit it to the fullest. Unfortunately, devoting himself to the sea and the beach, with a boom in holiday entertainment, it is not always easy to look after the health of the hair, we risk getting stressed and weakened, representing a real disaster in terms of welfare. How do I fix it?

We choose the most suitable products for your hair, so they do not become too porous and too difficult to manage. In the market you can find everything and that’s why it is essential to take advice from an expert.

Of course it is important not to wash them too often, so as not to run the risk of making them become thinner and dry. The frequent shampooing can cause loss of hair to their natural oils, damaging them. Better not wash them every day, but at least every other day.

To wash your hair, you should not use the pool water, as it may contain chlorine, which makes them rather hard.

One of the mistakes that commonly takes place is to tie your hair when they are still wet. It ‘a practice that is not good, because it weakens them. It would be even better to let them dry before the sun, and then proceed to tie them, so you feel less hot.