A condominium is one of the primary choices for people when it comes to buying a house. But there are different types of condominium units that can make you confused about your choices. Therefore, it’s very important to assess the type of condominium unit you want to buy if it’s your first time buying a residential property. It will help you determine the amount of space you can use, the kind of home that suits your lifestyle and the money you require for the purchase.

Gamuda Land, a well-known property developer in Malaysia, offers you the best residential properties. If you’re looking for houses in Malaysia, go through the sungai buloh house for sale. You may end up finding your dream house there. There are different units of condominiums available which are worth your investment. Let’s have a look at different types of condominium units:


There are condominium units based on studio apartments. It offers a design layout in which you can make your kitchen, living or bedroom out of the open-plan room. As compared to all the types of condominium units, a studio-type condo unit has the smallest floor size. This quality makes it the most affordable condominium unit.

When you’re willing to buy a studio-type condo unit, make sure you use furniture that provides multiple functions. For example, beds, which allow storage of your belongings, or a sofa that turns into a bed. It will allow you make your place look bigger.


The design layout resembles that of a two-storey house in a condominium unit. However, it’s costlier because there are more structures added to it.


A flat-level condo unit allows you to live in a space where you can set your eyes on everyone and everywhere, without needing to go up and down the stairs. This type of condo unit appears more like a bungalow where all the rooms are situated on the same level. Buying this type of condominium unit is beneficial if you have toddlers in the family.


A bi-level condo unit offers you a design layout which is similar to a house which consists of a second floor. On a general basis, the design layout of this kind of condominium unit includes the dining room, living room, kitchen or a bathroom on the ground floor whereas the bedrooms are located on the second floor.


A penthouse is usually located on the top floor of a condominium unit. The penthouse is considered to be the most expensive condo unit as it provides a great floor area and plenty of privacy for the people living there. Penthouses can be multi-level as well as flat-level. However, some penthouses can even have their own private elevators and other necessary facilities.

Buying a condominium unit can be a good decision, especially when you’re aware of what you require in a house. You can collect information about different types of condominium units and make better choices. You can also get an idea about the amount you need to prepare to buy a certain condominium unit. Buying a place to live in will always be worth if you keep these significant differences in mind.