Swimming pools Melbourne are available in a wide range in terms of types, styles, designs, shapes and sizes. Oval or rectangle, short or long, inground or aboveground, there is so much to choose from. Some pools are so big with lengthsover 25 ft., whereas others are the sizeof a smallpond. As for the technology, some pools areinstalled in just a short time whereas others require equipment such as air compressor and waterpurifier.

Among the so many varieties that exist, which are the most popular types in Melbourne? Let us take a look at some of these.

Wading Pool

A wading pool is meant for children up tofive or six years of age. Such a pool is made from plastic or anotherinflatable material. A wading pool has no flirtation system, and so water has to be changed ona daily basis.

Splasher Pool

A splasher is made from PVC and heavy vinyl liner. PVC poles support the liner, which contains the water. In some pools, an inflatable top ring is also attached with the liner. A splasher pool is strenuous and durable with averagelengths of around 22 ft.whereas the maximum length is around 50 ft. Generally, the pool is oval or round in shape.

Aboveground Pool

As the name implies, this pool is completelyinstalledabove the ground. It has steel walls that are lined with vinyl. An aboveground pool features afiltrationsystem, but if you use it in cold weather, it will require winterization. The depth of an abovegroundpool is between 4 aft and 7 ft.; if there are kids or pets in your house, you may want a safety fence around the pool.

Inground Swimming Pool

This pool is one of the most popular swimming pools Melbourne. An inground swimming pool is made from concrete that is given a coat of chlorinated rubber point or epoxy. Some inground swimming poolsare also made form fiberglass which is the smoothest surface and prevents formation of algae. The shape of such a pool can be round, kidney-like, free form or any other style that you want.

Lap Pool

The main purposeof a lap pool is to help you maintainyourhealth and fitness levels. The pool is long enough to allow you to swim laps from one end to another. If there is not enough space in your house, you can opt for a compactlap pool that does not have excessive lengths; instead, it features a jet which forms current in the water, and you can swim against it.
A standard lap pool is 6 ft. wide with length sup to 20 ft.