If you live in the UK, then constant rainy or snowy weather isn’t anything new to you. However, the problems start coming in great numbers when you buy your own house. Because that is when you notice the awful damp that starts collecting in the deepest corners of your home because of the constant pour outside. Damp can also be caused by condensation from the radiator or from the water heater. There are several sources of damp, but the end result is the same humid, suffocating inner climate that you simply cannot stand. Here are a few more harms of having damp interiors.

1.      Mould And Similar Growths

Yes, damp is where mould loves to grow. If you have had damp interiors for a prolonged amount of time, maybe you should get your house checked for moulds as well as for dampness and moisture. Mould is dangerous in any household because they spread very fast and would cause a lot of physical problems in the people living in them. Mould causes allergies in certain people, and infections in others. There are certain types of mould growing on dry walls which are actually toxic. These neurotoxic varieties of mould can give you short term memory loss, headaches, and a lot of other horrible things.

2.      Deterioration of the walls

Walls, especially wooden walls, do not take moisture well. If you keep them exposed to humid atmosphere for a long time, chances are that they would start to absorb water from the humid air and puff up and soften. When this happens, your only way of repairing it is to change the wood, which can be immensely expensive depending on what kind of house you have. Therefore, it is important to not let the moisture spread that fast and remain that long in your house.

3.      Unpleasant Odour

Damp has this inexplicable odour that would fill your house and give in an unhealthy feel if you allow too much moisture to reign in it for too long. Damp grows in areas where sunlight doesn’t reach abundantly, which makes the areas musty and unhealthy. The only way to prevent your home from this odour is go seek professional help.

How to Control Condensation

The best way to control condensation is by preventing it right from its source through advanced machinery and concept that only professionals can handle. There are several condensation treatment companies that have been formed in the recent years, and you can look up those nearest to your home online. Simply give them a call; most companies actually give you a free of cost condensation inspection. If they do find moisture, you pay them and they will start clearing it up.

Always remember the aforementioned dangers that your house can be a subject to if you do not prevent condensation from spreading into it. Take the appropriate measures and have a nice long and secured home for you and your family.