Walk-in showers have graced the pages of numerous style magazines in the last few years and they look set to become even more popular over the next few. Sleek, convenient and comfortable, they offer advantages over other popular showering options. Read on to find out more.

Any shower needs to fit in the space you have in your bathroom. One of the nice things about walk-in showers is that you can get them made to the size and shape you need, fitting your room perfectly and making the feel of the bathroom just ‘you’. With unframed and semi-framed options they can even help the bathroom feel larger and more open than old-fashioned, clunky shower cubicles. Better Bath shower cubicles can be viewed online to provide you with a good idea of some of the options available – the rest is down to your taste and imagination!

Walk-in showers even have some advantages over the luxurious appeal of installing a wet room. Not least among these is that a walk-in shower cubicle keeps you warmer because the steam is kept in and heats a smaller space rather than a whole room. Because there’s a space to dry yourself too there’s far less mess than in a wet room, where water covers potentially the whole room, or even a traditional shower cubicle or bath shower, both of which positively encourage the creation of puddles all over the bathroom, no matter how good your bathmat!

The health benefits of steam have been known for many generations. Our ancestors bathed in hot springs and created bath houses like the famous ones in Bath for their health. Jane Austen famously writes about the pump room in ‘Northanger Abbey‘ and we now know that our circulation, heart, skin and respiratory system do indeed benefit from the warm, steamy conditions. Tired muscles and tired minds to gain a lot from the warmth and steam. Since walk-in shower cubicles are brilliant for keeping in steam you can benefit more from your shower. Just gorgeous after a long day!

Of course, one massive benefit of a walk-in shower is accessibility. For people who suffer from mobility problems, they are ideal and you can even choose a shower stool to help further. No stepping in and out of a slippery bath or tricky ledge to get over, a walk-in shower eases the process immensely. If you or a member of your family has a hobby that results in occasional injuries or sprains you’ll feel the benefit too.

A nicely laid out bathroom adds value to your home and gives a great deal of pleasure to you and your family. Choosing a walk-in shower is one of the most luxurious options, appealing to a wide demographic of potential buyers and adding a touch of decadence to your morning routine!