Buying a new car is an event one would always look forward to. Especially, if you are a Chevrolet fan, the lucrative features and the looks of its latest models could be reasons alone to go for one. But as it does involve a good amount of monetary investment, it might not look feasible to step inside a Chevrolet showroom at any hour of the day. To help you overcome the dilemma and confidently arrive at the right decision, here is a discussion about exactly when you should go for a new Chevrolet Car.

Here is a list shared by the Concord Chevrolet dealership that showsthe best times when car dealers would offer great deals.

Ideal Occasions

To start with, one of the best time to buy a new car is waiting for the weather to get harsh. Days when it is too cold or too hot when it rains or during a snowfall, it is good to reach the dealer who is too eager to sell out the vehicles as most people would be staying at home and whenlesser number of sales are happening. These are ideals days to harp on low-interest finance and good incentives.

Year Ending Sale

In themonth of December, most of the automakers and even the car dealers line up to sell off theirstock of cars as much as possible, as that helps in boosting up the unit sales and raise the amount of revenue for the entire year that is going to end. Push sale becomes a part of this year ending theseason and the dealers even come up with attractive gifts packed with a car purchase. If you can accumulate money till this season, the deal would be all in your favour and you can drive home the latest Chevrolet car at a much affordable price.

Summer Ends

It has become a trend that the car makers switch their production from the ongoing year models to the next year ones when the summer ends. Both the manufacturersand the dealers want to start afreshby selling off the leftover vehicles to make room for the new arrivals. Targeting this opportunity would pay well as the dealers would offer extra rebates and agood amount of other incentives.

Month Ends

As told by the Concord Chevrolet dealership, even month ends are great times for a new car purchase. Car sellers and dealers try their best to move out as many vehicles as possible at every month end to qualify for the bonuses added to their paycheques offered by their employers and auto manufacturers. That is another hot time to hammer the dealers.

Closing Time

It might sound shrewd, but if sellers have their own tricks, why not the buyers? If you have already fixed up with the dealer, the model and the money, enter the showroom just one hour before the shutters are going to close. All the salesmen, financers and insurance people are packing their bags to go home. Adding a sale in their account would allure them to offer a better price and they would be in a hurry to make the deal, and there you are with the best deal in hand for a brand-new Chevrolet Car.