Garbage truck accidents are more commin than you might think, and when they occur, they are more than likely going to result in some serious injuries, or even death. This is because of the sheer weight of these vehicles. Recent statistics released today have shown that in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, these garbage trucks kill more pedestrians per mile travelled than any other type of transport. These figures goes show how deadly these accidents often are, according to

As with any large vehicle, garbage trucks have real safety issues with blind spots. It can be all too easy for cyclists to venture into these blind spots when these trucks are turning, and this can result in some devastating consequences. Garbage trucks are likely to spend a lot of time in residential areas picking up resident’s garbage, which makes them more dangerous for the general public, as there have been plenty of cases recently where residents have been run over outside their house, all because of these dangerous blind spots.

Dump trucks and garbage trucks can often weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds, and because of this heavy weight, you can see why severe injury or death is approximately five times more likely to occur compared to an incident involving a typical SUV.

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