Valves have become an integral part of our lives. A device that assists in the regulation and control of fluids, valves are used in almost every sphere of lives. Valves provide you with an impeccable service in controlling water quality, flow and pressure inside the pipe system. This device opens, closes and sometimes even partially obstructs the pipe to manage, control and regulate the flow of water within a pipe line or passageway. Initially valves were mostly used in oil, mining, gas and water industry. But with the passage of time, valves are now being used in our household products as well like washing machines, dish washers, taps. Valves are used in these household products for regulating the flow of water within the machine. At Philmac, we understand how important has become to use best quality valves that will make your work easier and convenient. This is the reason we have come up with a wide range of valves that will suit your specific requirements. We are a global leader in the field of designing and manufacturing some of the best pipe fittings and valves. We provide our customers with cost effective solutions for the transfer, control and application of water by using polythene pipes. Our products can be found in vineyards, golf courses, domestic and industrial building to name some. Some of the types of valves that we provide are non return valves, poly ball valves, foot valves and ratio valves.

High Quality Non Return at Philmac

One of our best quality products is the non return valves. At Philmac, we provide you with high quality non return valves that will give you the best service that you need. We have designed our non return valves in such a way that it permits the fluid to flow in one direction. Our non return valves are perfect for simple back-flow prevention in water transfer system. The best feature about non return valves is that these are easy to install, have excellent durability, reliability and strength.

At Philmac, we provide you with Australian made non return valves which are manufactured from high quality materials to ensure that you get reliable service for the years to come.  Our quality made non return valves are based on simple movement of a piston. These valves ensure that the water flows in one direction which in turn avoids water loss, prevents backflow and also ensures that the pipelines do not drain. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field which enables us to provide you with products that will give you years of reliable and peace of mind. Our non return valves are fast and easy to install. These valves are designed in such a way that these can operate in both the vertical and horizontal positions. Our non return valves have been manufactured from advanced thermoplastic materials.  These thermoplastic materials have excellent impact and these valves are ultra violet ray resistant and corrosion free.

These valves provide complete security to the users which are the reason we have customers from all around the world.