Most of the well-furnished houses in these days come with double glazing. If your house doesn’t have it yet, maybe you should start asking what it is about double glazing that makes it so popular among home owners.Moreover, you need to know what benefits you can get both short term and long term from installing double glazing on your windows, be it financial of comfort wise. Here are a few such benefits.

Energy Savings

Double glazing prevents outside heat or cold from entering your rooms. Primarily, because the walls are insulating by nature, it is the doors and windows that contribute to heat transfer between the room and the outside. Now, doors are usually made out of wood, which is insulating. That leaves the glass windows as the primary source of cold getting into your room. What this means is that if you use double glazing on your doors and windows, you will greatly reduce the rate at which your room gets cold in response on changes in outside temperature.

As far as energy is concerned, this means that because your room gets less cold, you use the radiator less in winter, and for similar reasons, you use the air conditioning less in the summer. Therefore, you end up saving money in terms of electricity bills. If you get good double glazing that lasts you several years with effective service, then you may find that over the span of  few years, you actually end up saving more money than you spent on the double glazing itself.

Sound Insulation

Because double glazing basically eliminates primary interaction between a room and its surroundings, good double glazing has proven to reduce sound to a great extent. If sound insulation is a primary factor for you, then you may want to buy specifically designed double glazed windows that reduce sound even more. They work by changing the desiccant gas between the two parallel glazing panes to Argon, and the casing to aluminium.

While you may have to spend a few more bucks to get it done, sound proofing would mean that you can play your music as loud as you like in your room even late at night without bothering the neighbours too much. It also means that if you live in a noisy locality, you do not get deprived of your peace and quiet so long as you keep your window closed.

Increase in selling and letting price

If you are going to sell your house or rent it out to tenants, then double glazing can significantly increase the rent or the price of your house. This is especially useful because in the long run, you end up recovering the money you spend on installing the windows and end up even saving money. If your let apartment includes bills for the tenants, then it might even be that their low consumption of electricity as a result of double glazing reduces your expenses further.


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