Gone are the days when office design only had to be functional. Now that we are aware of the importance of the aesthetic factor, we try to find better solutions for the workspace, since we spend so much of our lives there. Work and life quality both depend on the things that surround us, on how these make us feel. Office furniture doesn’t have to be boring; in fact, it can bring the morale down if it is so. See below several ideas meant to improve office space and work productivity in no time:


  1. The massage chair

The massage chair for office use can either be an automatic vibrating chair or one that allows the user to lie down and have a massage expert do the work. A growing trend – Corporate massage therapy – can be easily adopted and with a small expense. It will breathe new life into a company’s daily routine and do wonders for its productivity levels – right away.

  1. Tree trunks

You’ve usually seen these as decoration in gardens or in rural-themed settings; lately tree trunks also made their way to contemporary interiors and can easily be adapted to office spaces. Large trunks lying horizontally can serve as reception desks, for example. Their aesthetic appeal is undeniable. Round slices of trunks can be used as various surfaces. Group more of the same height together to create a larger surface. These have the power to totally transform the place by adding a bit of raw nature and simple elegance to an otherwise boring and cold room.

  1. Unique, personalised chairs

Every employee craves to feel special. Sadly, office space usually promotes uniformity and does not encourage anyone’s creativity or uniqueness. A simple way to turn this around is to select different chairs for each individual instead of going for an identical pattern. It can be the same model, but with differently coloured cushioning. Employees feel better when their personal workspace stands out.

  1. The low-hanging lighting fixtures

Offices normally have lights way up high, on a very tall ceiling. This generates a feeling of distance, coldness and formality. Sure, for some companies it’s good to keep it that way. However, if you’re looking for a more motivating, less formal approach, you should consider low-hanging light fixtures. These focus the light on a given work surface and the whole place becomes more appealing through such positioning.

  1. The duplex desk

This is a wonderful creation that allows one to create a ‘hood’ over their normal-looking desk, to shield it from other workers in the room. It thus avoids all disturbance – but only whenever needed, since the hood can come up and down as desired. It’s the much better alternative to a cubicle.

  1. The rounded desk

This shape is always better than the ordinary rectangle. It allows for easier moves and for the better organisation of the workspace. People sitting at the desk can move more naturally and enjoy the space that unfolds in front, as well as around them. A circular desk shape is more entertaining and definitely pleasant to the eye. Plus, it can enhance the flow in the entire room.

Keep an eye not only on the latest office furniture trends, but also on innovations in home design. That’s where most good ideas come from and get adapted to office use.