It doesn’t matter whether you are an avid hiker or someone who wants to sit down after walking for ten minutes; either way, walking can earn you money.

There are lots of different ways to earn money while you walk, from full-time jobs to side gigs that don’t take up much time.

Interested? Here are three jobs that pay you for walking.

Free apps

There are lots of free apps that will pay you for walking – simply head to the App Store and have a look around to find the best options. One of the most popular options is an app called Sweatcoin (available on iPhone 5s and above), which pays users for every 1,000 steps they take. Payments are made in Sweatcoins, which can be used at a selection of online stores including the App Store.

This is ideal for people who already walk a lot, but you can use it even if you don’t walk much. After all, you may as well cash in on every step you take!

Become a dog walker

There are lots of benefits to being around dogs on a regular basis; for example, they can help to relieve stress, they keep you fit, and you spend more time outside.

This is the perfect job for anyone who loves dogs but can’t keep one as a pet. If you are interested in becoming a dog walker, you can check out websites such as Tailster, which allow you to pick up dogs and take them out for a walk for an agreed length of time.

It can also be useful to get a DBS check. They are not legally essential, but many people prefer to choose dog walkers with one, so it can certainly help you to find more work. You can find out more about getting a check from companies such as

Become a tour guide

A tour guide spends lots of time outside working, so it is a very pleasant job. If you have the skills, it is a pretty easy industry to get into. You will need to know the area very well, of course, and it is also beneficial to be loud, friendly and confident.

There are lots of ways to make money as you walk, which will benefit both your health and your bank balance.