If you have always dreamt of an amazing standard of living in a foreign land, Canada can be the perfect answer to it! The country is not just famous for its landscape beauty and high standard of living but also for its diverse culture and the perfect economic scenario that can fuel growth in any career graph. The Canadian government encourages young individuals to come to the country legally and take up highly-paid positions here.

So if you are already dreaming of making Canada your new home, find a good Canadian Immigration Consultancy and get your Canada PR (permanent residency) Visa today!

Canada PR (Permanent Residency) Visa

If you are wondering what PR or Permanent Residency is all about, we have got you help! The Permanent Visa or the PR Visa as it is popularly called allows the holder to study, live or work in any part of Canada. If you are a holder of PR Visa, you also get to enjoy several social benefits that are available only to the Canadian residents otherwise. The social benefits include health care benefits and protection under the Canadian law. One of the greatest advantages of the PR Visa is that it serves as a great help in case you want Canadian citizenship in future.

Eligibility Criteria for PR Visa

Now that we know that there are enough advantages of a Permanent Residency Visa, let’s take a closer look at the eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled by an individual to get PR Visa. The Canada Immigration India is point based immigration, i.e. an individual must score at least 67 points in case they wish to qualify for the process of immigration.

The essential factors on which the points are calculated are:

  • IELTS with a minimum score of 6; the test helps to prove proficiency of an individual in English as a language.
  • 2 year diploma
  • Work experience of minimum 1 year
  • The age of the individual must be between 18 years to 47 years
  • A job offer from one of the Canadian employers
  • The language level score of your spouse or any other relative in Canada having a blood relation with you will also add up extra points.

Different PR Programs

There are a number of PR programs that are run by the government of Canada. You can apply under any of the following programs:

  1. Express entry system
  2. Federal Skilled worker program
  3. Provincial nominee programs

How to apply for PR Visa?

Now that you know enough about the Permanent Residency Visa, it’s time to apply for it. The best way to do so is to go straight to a Canadian Immigration Consultancy for the purpose. These are expert in the Visa procedures and make the task easy and effortless for the individual applying for the visa.

You can find them online and fill in the forms provided there or call them on their number that is also available on the site.