Selecting the right kind of cycling gifts for that special pedal fan can be made much easier by not forgetting one important factor of cycling and that is endurance. When it simply comes down what is essential for endurance, there are basically three main categories to make the choice from. They are food, clothing and tools.

cycling jerseys

Food is one of the more easier cycling gifts, as most grocery stores and health shop chains carry a selection of snacks for cyclists to munch as they ride along happily. When it comes to food, it’s vital to avoid anything that is high in raw sugar content. Even though such foods may give a big boost right from the start, what comes a little while later is the inevitable sugar crash, which is something no cyclist wants to happen. For munching on the bike, snacks high in carbohydrates are the best as they provide a lasting energy source.

Beverages and clothes

Drinks and drink mixes are popular and also a great choice for cycling presents for both on and off the bicycle. Some electrolyte beverages are specially designed for hydration whilst riding, and some also pack in vitamins and minerals which are important for recovery after riding is completed.

If you’re contemplating clothing choices for cycling gifts, the fit is an important thing to consider. Once again, this is an issue of endurance, where hours will be spent on a bicycle seat, so, comfortable-fitting clothing will make all the difference. Shorts and men’s cycling jerseys are great choices, just make sure you get the size right. Other good choices are items such as gloves, shoe covers, or jackets for rainy weather or cold weather riding.

Cheaper alternatives

Gifts made for endurance should be specially designed and built with top quality materials, which may be a little bit more expensive, but you are giving a present that is special. There are some other gifts such as tyre inner tubes and compressed air cartridges, which are inexpensive and will always be welcomed by all cyclists because flat tyres do happen! The compressed air cartridge is a quick fix for a flat tire and comes in a small, threaded canister of compressed air that rapidly inflates a flat tyre. These little canisters are designed to easily fit in a jersey pocket and designed remove the extra weight of a pump.

Another tool that is one of the best cycling gifts is what’s called a multi-tool. These can be found in most bicycle shops, and comes with all the tools a bicycle needs for any repairs that need to be carried out at the roadside.  And there are still other wonderful cycling gifts to be given, although a little more expensive such as a work stand and a full-size toolkit. A wheel-truing stand is also yet another great item for the cyclist who enjoys spending a lot of time building and repairing bicycles.

Now, if you can’t find a present from the above selection, then you’d better get a different kind of present!