Whenever there’s any myth associated with an art form, it puts a step towards killing the art in itself. However, it is not even possible to prevent the myths from coming, but at the same time, accepting the myths get equally annoying. Abstract painting and representational painting has always been treated in two broad categories, and they seem to be like oil and water, which never mixes well and represents as one.

However, if you ever come across the artist’s beliefs of Peter Max, you will find how they accept the similarity in their notion and belief. Even though the Modernist movements and ideologies try to separate the abstractness and representation robbing the entire vitality, both the cultures have their ideas. According to the studies of roots, it is the human intelligence that has allowed them to come up with some of the smartest innovations, pictorial communication. The signs, symbols, color, and also the images have come up in the best of the ways and have allowed human beings to communicate without even saying a single word.

Taking a cue from the earliest mean of painting which started on leaves, pots, stones, and walls, Art has gone down the line to find its space on the plasma screens. Nowadays, in the age of social media like Facebook and Twitter, not a single image is posted without Photoshop skills. The dads nowadays can put up a smile on the face of their sons and daughters by gifting a graphic novel. Nothing can be more intimate to express oneself with the help of paintings and art.

Both abstraction and representation, over the years, have been inseparable conceptually and nothing can be more intrigue than painting. Whatever be the form, painting has always drawn the attention of the people at large, through its abstract nature, energy or form. Can anyone deny that abstract paintings do not represent any thought or style? Only the smartest of the human brain can get in between every stroke and take meaning out of those vibrant colors and incoherent pencil brush strokes.

Go through any of the pictorial depictions of Peter Max, and you will find how he has created the fantastic balance between the abstract painting and representational painting. Like any form of art, painting has always been successful in drawing our attention, and in the modern age of consumerism, this not only helps the artists to make their living, but thousands of agents are there who meet their both ends by selling the masterpieces to their clients.

With time and generation, it is the authority of painters that have grown over the time. However, with evolution, some of the art forms have died and got extinct, while the others have reached heights just because they have been accepted. This is the story of evolution for every art form. One that is accepted runs stable, and the one that falls behind in the race loses track.

21st century agrees with both representational and abstract painting, and the post-abstract representational painters have been ruling the era strongly.