When choosing new UPVC windows you may think that identifying a good one from a bad one is fairly easy. But the truth is that it can be deceptively tricky to decipher what makes a good window.

In England and Ireland there are grade ratings that tell consumers how good a window is at keeping the heat in. So if you are looking for Dublin windows and doors you can refer to these ratings and see what grade your chosen purchase comes under and consequently how energy efficient these windows will be. This will go some way to helping you make your decision. But what else should you be looking out for when choosing high-quality windows?


Check the length of your guarantee when purchasing windows. The plastic used to make the UPVC section of the window should usually come with a 10-year warranty to protect you should the system warp, change shape or become otherwise damaged by the elements. New double glazing systems usually come with a warranty of 15 years or more.


Good locking systems indicate quality. There is no point having a sturdy pane of glass if the locking system is cheap and easily penetrable. Espag locking systems are commonly used, but an article published in Key Fit Locksmiths suggests that deadlock shoot bolt systems offer more security.

Handles and hinges

Handles and hinges are the parts of your windows that get the most daily use. Unfortunately, there are very few ways to test the quality of these before you purchase. The best thing you can do is check the warranty and repair policy on the moving parts of your windows.

Joints and screws

Screws and joints can tell you a lot about the age of a window. Mechanical joints were mostly used in older systems and can sometimes warp, allowing draughts in. As window sashes and hinges are joined together by screws you need to have assurance that these are durable and hardwearing enough not to rust and cause the window to fall out. Stainless steel screws are usually the most reliable type of screws; as stainless steel doesn’t attract magnets you can test whether or not the screws in your windows are stainless steel by holding a magnet to them and seeing if it sticks.


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