Whether opting for smart casual or a suit and tie, shirts are an essential item in any man’s wardrobe. A great choice for a night out, or for the office, a long-sleeved casual shirt is one of the most versatile garments available. Here are some ideas for styling a casual shirt.

Denim casual shirt

There is more leeway in terms of the fit of casual shirts, unlike traditional dress shirts. A casual shirt can look great in both a looser and slim fit.

A denim shirt is one of the most versatile and durable options, with many styling choices in a layered ensemble. A key item, this shirt is perfect for toning down an outfit whilst maintaining style. Consider combining it with a t-shirt, light-coloured chinos and lightweight trainers for the ultimate summer outfit.

Plaid casual shirt

As men’s fashion is now worth an estimated £14 billion to the UK economy many more options have become available in men’s garments. Plaid shirts, reminiscent of lumberjack shirts, are an example of this as they have become an extremely popular item in recent years in men’s fashion.

Dark navy works well with this fashionable item, with the rustic texture of the plaid contributing to a more masculine style. Finish with a pair of high-quality brown leather boots.

White casual shirt

A white casual shirt is a great option for any outfit, lending itself perfectly to a crisp, clean look.

Combine with dark navy chinos and dark loafers, which avoid the look becoming too bright. Always opt for good quality shirts, such as the mens designer shirts found at https://www.ejmenswear.com/.

Black casual shirt

Black may seem an odd choice for a casual shirt, but for a darker outfit or an all-black look, it is the perfect choice. Choose a shirt in a textured material to avoid looking out-dated, too monochrome or formal.

Black skinny jeans work well with black casual shirts, layered with lightweight jackets in denim or leather and a pair of black, heavy-duty boots for a rustic, hipster style.

Further tips

•       Ensure you know your size: the right fit is essential for any shirt.
•       Unconventional fabrics are the better choice for casual style.
•       Casual shirts are a great opportunity to wear brighter colours.
•       Jeans are the perfect pairing for your shirt.