Maybe you don’t want a wedding that’s exactly the same as all the weddings you’ve attended in the last few years. Maybe you want to do something different and have a unique wedding that everyone will remember. If you want to do something special and have a day that is unique and different in as many ways as possible, you can start by choosing a great venue that everybody will love and won’t forget in a hurry. Here are some of the ways you can find a brilliant venue for your wedding.

What’s unique to you?

Something that you consider unique might not be the same as somebody else thinks it unique, but if it’s your wedding, it’s all about you and you should feel like you are able to decide to get married at whichever venue you want. You might think that getting married on a beach is a different and unique idea that you want to do, whereas somebody else might not consider beach wedding to be a very unique idea. Just remember that what matters is what is unique to you.

What’s realistic?

You might want to get married on the moon, but is this really a realistic idea? The same applies for other wedding ideas, such as getting married underwater or in a different country. As much as you might want to tie the knot in these special and unique places, you need to consider whether or not you can actually make it a reality. Finding a unique wedding venue Melbourne isn’t difficult, but it all comes down to where you want to get married and what you would really like to do on the actual day you tie the knot.

What does your fiancé/fiancée want to do?

 It’s always good to remember that in order to get married, you need two people and therefore you should take your partner’s thoughts and feelings into consideration. If you’re very different people, finding a venue that you agree on could be a tough challenge. If you want to get married somewhere different and contemporary while your partner prefers the more traditional wedding venues, you’ll have a problem agreeing on where you’re actually going to get married in the end. This can cause a lot of problems for many couples when they are arranging their weddings and sorting out the plans, so it’s a good idea to think of a possible compromise that you can suggest. There are venues that combine a unique and modern touch with a more traditional twist, so it might be a case of going half and half with two different ideas. 

Does it fit within the budget?

Flying your entire family to South Africa to get married on a safari or beach might sound like a great idea, but do you have the money to cover it? There are some great ideas and venues for weddings, but if it’s impossible to pay for it with the money that you have available for the big day, then it’s not even worth considering.