Millions of people across the globe enjoy the company of their pet pooch. All of them intend to keep them away from any diseases or other problems.


Those intending to approach the world famous pet salons like Canine Sassoon may adhere to the following tips:

  1. Register with a qualified vet – It is suggested to get the dog registered with an experienced vet even though it is good in health. Do not wait till it gets sick.
  2. Prepare a list of veterinarians– Make a list of the vets in your area. Take a telephone directory or else make search through the internet. Most pet clinics have their own websites. Take assistance from your friends or relatives that must have availed their services in the past.
  3. Questionnaire – Make a list of the questions that are to be asked from the vet. This would save the valuable time of yours and that of the vet.
  4. Consider the type of pet – All vets may not be able to treat all types of species. The vet must be trained in the particular type of pet as two different species may differ in many respects. The concerned vet must be able to treat companion animals, i.e. the cats and dogs. Few of them may not be able to treat rabbits as they are classified as exotic animals by them. They may not be equipped with sufficient experience in treating this class of animals.
  5. Special training – Those considering finding experienced vets must ask them about the special training undergone by them with regard to different species. They must be experienced enough to treat them. He or she must be specialist vet that is trained and is pleased to treat the pets. Few of the vets have specific interest in treating rabbits. They may perform a good job.
  6. Single species vet – Those having cats as pets must approach the single-species vets that do not accommodate two species along side. Cats may be disturbed by the dogs as such cat-only clinics are best suited for them.
  7. Easy access – The vets working at prominent clinics like Canine Sassoon must be easily approachable. The pet clinics situated at distant places may be difficult to approach in case of any emergency.
  8. Type of services – Those interested in availing the services of good pet clinics may consider the following:
  9. The cost of availing the services may be the deciding factor for the ones that have meagre income. Vet schools in the area are quite cheaper as compared to the private clinics. Small animal teaching hospital may be quite affordable.
  10. The level of in-house facilities including CT scanners, MRI, ultrasound, x-rays, lab work and blood machines should also be taken into account while selecting pet clinics.
  11. Highly qualified specialists – Pet clinics chosen by the needy persons should be able to provide the services of experienced and highly qualified specialists. Facilities like emergency care provision, overnight care and parking should be there. Other features include easy appointment and the emotional liking of the pet for the vet.
  12. Charges – Last but not the least is the charges. Do not believe the clinics that charge very low rates as they may dupe you with poor services.