If you have the space necessary to care for a large breed, a big dog can be a major asset to your family. With the right temperament, your dog could become a loving member of your family, a loyal companion, and perhaps even a faithful guard dog. If you’re looking to adopt a large dog, it’s important to do your research to find the breed that will suit your needs. Choose one of these breeds if you want a big pup that will get along well with even the tiniest family members.

Great Dane

When most people think of the Great Dane, the term ‘gentle giant’ comes to mind. That’s because this breed is famous for it’s lovely, sweet temperament and beautiful stature. Look for great dane puppies that you can adopt from a young age – they’ll grow to be a beloved part of your family and will adore small children. These sweethearts also get along well with other animals, so they’re the ideal choice for families with a houseful of furry friends.

Labrador Retriever

Whether you adopt a Golden Lab or a Chocolate Lab, it’s difficult to go wrong with this Retriever breed. Labs are good-natured, friendly, and full of energy, so they’re the perfect choice for active families with a big backyard and space to play fetch. Labradors are happy to play with kids and adults alike and are incredibly loyal companions. They’re also intelligent and easy to train, making them obedient family members despite their energetic temperament.

Golden Retriever

Like Labradors, the Golden Retriever is a wonderful dog for families with plenty of energy to spare. They make good companions for active kids who need a friend to run around with outdoors, and will happily learn tricks and accompany you on long walks and jogs. Retrievers are extremely gentle with children and seem to innately understand how to act around every age level, so they’re the perfect dogs for families with kids of any age.

German Shepherd

While they may look intimidating, German Shepherds make great family dogs. They’re incredibly loyal, so you can always count on this dog to take care of the whole family. Once they get to know you they’re likely to develop a close bond with you, and will protect you from intruders whenever necessary. Their loyalty means that Shepherds are affectionate and obedient with their adopted family, and can quickly be trained thanks to their intelligent nature.


The Newfoundland is another gentle giant that loves to receive plenty of affection and spend time with children. They are truly huge so you’ll need lots of space in your home to make room for this breed, but they make the perfect friend to children who love dogs. The only real downside of the Newfoundland is the amount of grooming they require – otherwise, they’re the ideal large family pets.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Another huge breed that gets on very well with children is the Bernese Mountain Dog. These dogs enjoy spending lots of time outdoors, playing with the family, and running fast. Despite having plenty of strength and power they’re relatively calm dogs, and can be exceptionally faithful to their owners. They’re also usually happy to live with other dogs, so may be a good choice if you’re looking for a new addition.