As the term suggests, public liability is being covered in the event that any person suffers an injury in a premises that can be proven to have been either partially, or entirely at fault. Every business, no matter how small, must have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and wherever you are, the chances are you can claim compensation from the owners. Most public buildings would have PLI, and if, for example, a person were walking across a tiled floor, which happened to be wet, but there were no signs warning of this, and the person slipped and fell, causing themselves serious injury.

Public Liability Insurance


This word has a major bearing on any compensation claim for personal injury. If we were to take up the above example, the fact the no warning signs were displayed means that the cleaner was, in fact, negligent, and their employer is therefore liable to compensate you for your injuries. If, however, there were “Wet Floor” signs evident, then the building owner would not be liable, as they have provided adequate warning regarding the floor condition. In short, negligence on the part of the premises owner must be proven, in order to receive compensation. The level of negligence could vary, perhaps a court feels that both parties are equally to blame, and in this case, they would award 50% of the compensation amount.

Making a Claim

If you slipped or fell while shopping or even walking in the park, it might be possible to claim compensation for your injuries, and the best thing to do is source an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you need to make a slip fall injury claim in Queensland, there are online legal experts who would be happy to review your claim, and should they feel you do have a case, they would take your claim on a no win-no fee basis, and with a free first consultation, you would not have to invest any money, as the lawyer would take his fee from the sum awarded.


The legal world is all about facts, solid information that can be verified, and in the case of experiencing a fall, one should try to obtain photos of the location and their injuries. You would need to take the names and addresses of any witnesses, as your lawyer will wish to contact them at a later date. It is very important to inform the premises owner, in writing, that you suffered a fall and that you give a detailed account of what transpired. This should be sent by registered mail, and any telephone or face to face meetings should be detailed in a statement.

Compensation Awards

There are several types of compensation a person can claim for, with general damages that covers pain and suffering. Another form covers loss of earnings and any missed superannuation payments, while you can also claim for medical expenses, both past and future.

There are online legal experts who specialise in personal injury claims, and with a no win no fee agreement, you will soon discover whether your claim is likely to be successful.