Holiday shopping season is something we all look forward to. It is fun and exciting, but it is the time for which even the thieves would be waiting for. It is a time when these foul players look at cars as one of the best places to treasure hunt. To avoid any such unpleasant event from taking place, follow these simple rules as a habit, and that would always work for you in saving your favorite shopping items stay with you.

The experts from the Tempe Mazda dealership helped us on this with their experienced valuable suggestions and anti-theft tips.

Use Compartments and Trunks to Hide your Belongings

We all heard the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’. In this context, nothing could be more relevant than this one. If your newly bought items are visible from outside the car, it would invariably allure the wrong-minded people and instigate them to take chances. Today, all the modern vehicles have a definite cargo space. Keeping all your shopped items in that place would create the first barrier and a cargo cover would create another.

Many modern cars are having several storage compartments like double gloveboxes, extra storage bin in the dash and some even come with a large center console while others have storage space inside the armrest and a hidden storage area beneath the cargo floor.

Do Not Park the In Front of a Store Entrance

Parking your car right in front of the entrance of an independent store notifies the thieves about your purchases. That can instigate them in planning out a trap for you, as they won’t attack your car, then and there, but would follow you. Hence, always park a bit far away from the shop, while you go for shopping to stay inconspicuous.

Do Not Keep Your Windows Rolled down in a Traffic Signal

Nowadays, in many countries, people tend to steal away your items, when your car is stationery in a traffic signal. Thus, make it a habit, to roll up all your car windows, whenever, you are waiting in the signal.

Use Valet Keys and Valet Mode

According to the Tempe Mazda dealership experts, having a valet key with you, would save your items in a valet parking, when you are shopping at a mall after you’ve finished shopping on another, or going to have dinner after shopping. This key will keep a tap on the valet attackers or larcenous passerby from accessing your car trunk. The Valet mode of your infotainment system would lock the screen until a PIN code is entered. And you would get a notification, whenever your car is being touched.

The Bottom Line

The next time you go by car for shopping, consider all these above-said tips to follow and make a habit of following them. Apart from these, carrying valuable items like laptop, smartphone with you and keeping them in the shopping center storage would be even better, as theft of these items would lead to much more further complications like disclosing your personal info. The last but not the least, keep an alert mind, whenever you leave the car behind you and have as much fun, without the fear of losing your belongings.