Corporate gifts are one of the most special ways to appreciate the hard work put in by your client managers in an organization. One of the remarkable corporate gifts are customized t-shirts. These shirts are chosen to effectively match the colors of the specific logos and make the logo look unique. There are several ways to exhibit professionalism and create a long-lasting impression on people.

Rolling Stones tongue

The popular T-shirt was immensely used in the 1970s. It symbolizes Mick Jagger’s tongue out and pout gesture. Since its release, it has become an iconic garment especially in the rock world.  Such customized t-shirt is still increasingly used by various Stones fans.

Frankie Says Relax

This t-shirt was introduced in the year 1984. This design displays a popular song “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Whoever saw it got attracted to it. This made people brought this T-shirt and started wearing it.

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The Smiley Face

The Smiley face t-shirt was designed more than 50 years back by Harvey Ross Ball. It served the purpose of a logo for an assurance firm to motivate employees to “smile more”. In the year 1972, Franklin Loufrani registered this face for commercial use.  People began to love it and the sales of this t-shirt increased quickly.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey mouse served as a remarkable marketing tool for companies. Mickey Mouse appeared on all those things that can be printed. The first mickey mouse t-shirt was released in the year 1940 when the fame of this character began to rise. Till today, this customized t-shirt is increasingly loved and worn both by children and adults alike.


This t-shirt design was created by surfboard maker “Shawn Stussy”. It complemented his vast range of boards. This design is considered to be the coolest and timeless streetwear tops around.


Superman is the favorite character of people of all age groups. Who would not love to wear a t-shirt with this adventurous icon? The t-shirt design with the image of Superman became very popular among people. This t-shirt has now become very famous pop culture symbols in the entire corporate sector.

Hard Rock Cafe

This humorous T-shirt has become an iconic t-shirt that got printed with cities and towns all across the world.

Keep Your Cool

This t-shirt comes with an endless array of possibilities. Often in the corporate sector, people work under stressful environment. Wearing this t-shirt with caption” Keep your calm and carry on” will remind them to stay cool under all circumstances. This proves to be a motivation to the public.

Che Guevara

This t-shirt design depicts the Che’s political philosophy.


This t-shirt shows that the person is capable to saving the life of people. Don’t take this seriously. It is just a playful and fun way to entertain people.


There are plenty of designs available on the market to customize your t-shirt. Choose one that matches to the taste of your clients.