The GCA (Gun Control Act) came as a result of the considerable debate, which after some time codified the 18 of the U.S.C. in 1968. The GCA of 1968 was signed in the year 1968 by Johnson Administration.

President Johnson said,“Today we start to disarm the careless and the insane and the criminal. All the people of this country who’re deeply concerned about order and law should hail the day.”

Whether the pro-gun civilians consent with the statement or not, they’ll be affected by this if they wish to exercise the Second Amendment right.

This Gun Control Act, codified at the 18 U.S.C. in the year 1968, makes it illegal for particular categories of people to transport, receive, possess or ship ammunition or firearms, to involve any person:

  • Who’s an unlawful alien;
  • Who’s an escapee from justice;
  • Who’s addicted to or an illegal use of any controlled stuff like marijuana;
  • Who’s been released under the dishonorable conditions from Armed Forces;
  • Who’s renounced her or his citizenship of the USA;
  • Sentenced to any court for a crime prosecutable by the imprisonment for the term exceeding more than a year;
  • Who’s been sentenced to a misdemeanor act of any domestic violence;
  • Who are committed to a mental institution or been adjudged as the mental defective; or
  • Who’s sentenced to court orders restraining a person from stalking, threatening or harassing the child of intimate partner or the intimate partner;

Most of these requirements are justly straightforward and don’t require any explanation, but there’s one which is surely confusing.

Third listed item, addiction or use of the controlled stuff, which is in today’s world an issue. The use of marijuana which is legal in some states prohibits the firearms ownership.

People who own a handgun, yet are prohibited because of that list, face maximum ten years of imprisonment and have to fine upto $250,000.

Gun Control Act at the 18 U.S.C makes it illegal for anyone under the indictment for the crime prosecutable by the imprisonment for the term exceeding a year or more to transport, receive or ship ammunition or firearms.

Further, the 18 U.S.C. makes it illegal to dispose or sale of ammunition or firearms to anyone who’s prohibited from transporting, receiving, possessing or shipping ammunition or firearms.

Prohibition on Particular Type of Handguns

Federal firearm laws prohibit the transactions in and the possession of theparticular type of handguns. These include:

  • Possession or transfer of any machinegun
  • Importation, manufacture, possession, or sale of any handgun which is not detectable by the airport security device

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