If an individual, family, or company wished to reside permanently in the United Kingdom, they would have to submit the correct application, and this is one of the most complicated of procedures. A British company might wish to employ foreign nationals, and in order to do that, they must first circumnavigate the complex world of immigration rules and regulations.


Family Members

It may be that a family came to the UK and after some time, they would like other family members to join them. There are very stringent laws concerning family immigration, and generally, if the person is under the age of 18, and their parents are currently residing in the United Kingdom, it is likely that the child’s application would be approved. It might be an elderly person with no immediate family members at home to take care of them, and if that person is the parent of someone residing in the UK, they might have grounds to reside in the country. There are immigration solicitors in London who can really help with family member applications, and once the solicitor is in possession of all the facts, they can begin to compile a strong case.

Presenting your Case

As you can imagine, there are many applications for immigration into the UK, and the group of people who make the decisions are never emotionally involved, they merely review the case that is put in front of them, and if they see a genuine need, this might sway their decision. Simply put, if you have an experienced professional who compiles your application, you have a greater chance of success, as the lawyer would know what the panel are looking for. Often, an application is rejected, and had the panel been in possession of all the facts, the application would likely have been approved, which highlights the need for professional help when making an immigration application.

Sponsoring Foreign Nationals

It is often the case where a British company wishes to hire a foreign national, and the process of obtaining a working visa can be very confusing, and due to the amount of time it takes, the employer is well-advised to seek out an experienced immigration lawyer, who can facilitate the application. The process might be complex, but an experienced lawyer would know only too well, what the authorities require, and by following protocol, the application should be approved.

Asylum Seekers

The United Kingdom accepts its fair share of refugees, and the process of applying for asylum in the UK is extremely complex. Add to that the inability to speak English and you have a difficult situation. The immigration solicitor would have access to trained translators of every language, as it is vital that the asylum seeker can fully communicate with their lawyer. There could be many reasons why a person flees their home country, it might be war, or religious persecution, and with the right legal assistance, many foreign refugees have begun a new life in the UK.

Seeking out professional legal help is always a good idea, but with immigration, it is crucial that the application presents a strong case, and only the experts can do this.