The cosmetic and plastic industry has made its way in the field of medical science meticulously. Thus, even a cosmetic surgery for nose is catching trend. Actresses have been on face changing mode since dawn of cosmetic industry. But, nowadays even many common people have started following the trend. Earlier, nose job or Rhinoplasty was lifted to people who had face injuries or nose fixing operations. However, nowadays cosmetic surgeons are available everywhere. The Utah Rhinoplasty provides this service for men and women of all ages. The nose job or surgery is a form of plastic surgery, where the look and structure of nose is corrected or reconstructed attractively.


In Rhinoplasty, people experience a good change in the way their shape of nose appeared before. The significant change can be done as per your wish. The word Rhinoplasty is derived from the Greek language where Rhino stands for “nose” and plasty stands for “to shape”. The surgery provides more benefit apart from only constructing, correcting and reconstructing. It helps to restore the functions of nose (if there is a blockage), provide solution to birth defects, help to change the nostril width (if it is narrow, for better breathing) and many more. In case, if there are any failed Rhinoplasty surgeries, then these can also be treated by another successful surgery at Utah Rhinoplasty.

Types of Rhinoplasty:

Clinical records say that many people who wish for nose job to be performed, have asked for removal of bump on or around their nose and mouth, correct injuries caused by face damage, treat sinus conditions or other related ailments. Most popularly, there are two types of surgeries – open Rhinoplasty and closed Rhinoplasty. The specialised doctor who performs the nose, ear and throat jobs is known as otolaryngologist. They provide surgeries for correcting the jaw, the face and neck outlook too. When the plastic surgery is performed, it creates a well-designed, appealing and symmetrical asymmetry of nose. An incision is made in order to perform these kinds of surgeries.

The types of nose surgeries are: open Rhinoplasty which is performed for reshaping your nose. In this type of surgery, incisions are made in strips. The closed Rhinoplasty involves minor changes in nose and reshaping in the small way. The other types are known as secondary Rhinoplasty and Filler Rhinoplasty. In the Secondary Rhinoplasty, problems which have persisted after one nose surgery are corrected. Hence, it is also known as revisionRhinoplasty. In order to change the angle and tip of nose, injectable fillers are used to smooth out harp angles of the nose. This is known as Filler Rhinoplasty.

Results after successful surgery:

The results of Rhinoplasty may show significant difference in the appearance of face or may cause changes internally depending on the type of correction you require. Be open with your plastic surgeon and state your doubts and expectations before the surgery. In order to avoid getting second nose job done, it is better to be frank with your plastic surgeon. Once, you get Rhinoplasty on your nose the results are permanent. People from the age of 16 can get this nose job done.