Mitral regurgitation is a serious condition where the pumped blood in our heart chooses the wrong way. Our heart contains a valve which is commonly known as the Mitral valve. This valve has a specific purpose. It holds a passage where the pumped blood gets stored. Sometimes this valve doesn’t get closed properly and as a result, the stored blood leaks. This condition is medically termed Mitral regurgitation. People with this heart condition experience some common symptoms such as heart palpitations, excessive tiredness, breathing difficulty, sudden pain in the chest area and more. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then it’s time to take it seriously and go for a heart check-up. There are some particular causes why people develop such heart issues such as.


Some inflammation in our heart directly weakens the Mitral valve. Some certain heart muscles manage the functionality of this valve. And such infection directly impacts the heart muscles. As a result, these muscles fail to offer the needed support to the valves. Eventually, our mitral valve doesn’t get closed properly. This condition is known as mitral valve regurgitation which impacts our heart’s functionality and makes it weak.

Heart Attack

Here heart attack is another significant reason why the mitral valve becomes dysfunctional. A heart attack can negatively impact the heart muscles that are associated with the functionality of the mitral valve. If the heart attack is major then the risk is bigger. Such a major heart attack often makes the mitral valve damaged and leaky. In such a condition, the blood gets leaked from this valve and this condition often gets diagnosed as Mitral Regurgitation.

Rheumatic Fever

According to the research evidence, it could be stated that Rheumatic fever is a significant risk factor for Mitral valve regurgitation. This fever gets developed from an untreated seriously infected throat. And eventually, it starts impacting the functionality of the Mitral valve. So this fever is considered a proven reason of mitral regurgitation that causes serious damage to our hearts day by day.


Excessive smoking is another major risk factor. When a person smokes too much their heart muscles become feeble. And such weak heart muscles often miscarry the pumped blood. So excessive smoking could be a potential cause of mitral regurgitation.

Misshaped valve

Some humans get born with some kind of defect in their heart valves. They are often born with a misshaped valve. And with time the complications start becoming more serious. Their valve fails to hold the pumped blood and causes leakage. Such a condition is often diagnosed as Mitral regurgitation which needs to be treated with the right medications.

Thus to conclude, mitral regurgitation is treatable if diagnosed on time. So pay attention to its symptoms and causes. Visit a heart clinic as soon as possible. Do not skip your regular heart check-up. Be gentler to your heart.