Liquidmetal is known for its unique intrinsic properties, and this is why it is considered to be the first choice when it comes to the manufacture of sports equipment. One should note that Liquidmetal was first used in golf clubs. Some parts of the head of the club were made with this amorphous alloy. However, in the beginning, when Liquidmetal was used, the golf clubs did not last very long. Most of the time the heads broke after a few hits. However, experts and scientists started to improve Liquidmetal, and with the passage of time, it becomes better. This again improved the quality of sports equipment and the amorphous alloy found its place in tennis rackets, skis and balls.

John Kang WebMD- The Function of Liquidmetal in sports equipment

John Kang is a businessman in the medical industry, and he is an expert in the subject of Liquidmetal and its associated technologies. He says that Liquidmetal is popular for the manufacture of sports equipment because it is highly malleable. The amorphous alloy can be easily cast into any mold of the desired shape no matter how detailed or complex it might be. These unique properties of Liquidmetal open a wide range of opportunities when it comes to the manufacture and the design of sports equipment.

Other benefits of Liquidmetal for manufacturing sports equipment

The John Kang WebMD team of experts state that Liquidmetal is intensely customizable; however, it is also known for its ability to withstand pressure and has great yield strength. In fact, this amorphous allot can also take stress without the risks of deformation. Experts say this amorphous alloy has better durability than titanium and this is the main reason why it is popular in the world today!

Another benefit of Liquidmetal is it lacks the presence of grain boundaries that promotes its resistance power against environmental corrosion. This implies that Liquidmetal can safely be relied upon when it comes to durable performance.

Flexible and popular

The John Kang Liquidmetal team of experts further state that this amorphous alloy can be processed in a similar way like plastic. Tech Company Apple is using Liquidmetal in several of its smartphone parts. It also has used this amorphous alloy for making amazing cases for their gadgets by blowing melted alloy into molds similar to glass. At the same time, Liquidmetal has also been used for making solar wind ion collectors in recent space projects conducted by NASA.

Besides the above, the John Kang WebMD team concludes by saying that Liquidmetal is also popular in the medical industry, and it is used for the manufacture of surgical and medical implants for patients. Liquidmetal helps manufacturers make products that are safe and hypoallergenic in nature. This is why this amorphous alloy is so popular. Apple too has shown a keen interest in purchasing Liquidmetal patents, and this is why it is in the news today, and people are noticing its impact in the near future too when it comes to the tech and manufacturing industries.