Hair loss in men is a common occurrence. If you are thinking that your hairline is thinning every time you take a look in the mirror, then you must know that this is not only your problem but so many other people around the world. Usually, men above 50 suffer from this problem a lot. So, What Can Cause Hair Loss in Men?

You might want to blame on your family tree, where your father and ancestors have lost hair even before they were 70. However, the reason can be more than that. It can be associated with everyday stress, pollution, improper diet, all of these things can add up to the hair loss situation in men. However, the actual reason is still unknown, but if you want to know about the same, then here we have listed the causes of hair loss in men for your convenience.


Other than genetics you might ask, What Causes Hair Fall in Man? To answer the query, you must know that surgery or any type of long illness can end up into severe hair loss in men. There are so many people who experience a dramatic level of hair fall and baldness after a week of major surgery or sickness. However, this happens because of the vulnerable stages at that time, and the hair can come back after some time.


This type of hair loss is caused by the genes you got from your parents. However, this matter of inheritance is still not clear, and it surely does not run into the family. So if you are experiencing baldness, you have to check with a doctor and detect the reason for it. Your doctor will understand the main reason, which can be a hormonal disorder and other issues too. If the hair loss problem caused because of family history, then a male from that house will start to lose hair from their teenage. Their hair will grow softer and thinner than normal.

Issues With hormones

Hormonal problems can cause hair loss in men. Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for the deep voice, sex drive, and muscle growth in men. If your body faces the imbalance of this hormone then hair loss will be the first problem. It will shrink the follicles of hair and the result will be the thinning of hair.


Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy are the cause of severe hair loss. However, the lost things return after the medications stop. Also, there are some anti-depressants which can cause hair loss, and if you take an excessive amount of Vitamin A then it will have the same effect on you.


This situation can be caused by stress and it causes hair to fall in round patches around the scalp. So many people suffer from alopecia, but there is a cure for it too, which is if you consult your doctor in the early stages.

There are less known results in the treatment of hair loss in men, but changes in hairstyle, hair transplants, and counseling might get you a better resolution to this issue.