As far as health is concerned, everyone wishes to be healthy in the body and mind. However, most exercises are predominant in either healthy body with mild mind effects and vice versa. Muay Thai is a different story.

Muay Thai has been a sensation for some time now and while this martial art originates from Thailand, it has gained popularity all over the world. It launched existence during the medieval period to be used in war. This makes it more than 2000 years old and its growth during this century has been known to be the fastest of all martial arts in the world.

Also called ”The Art of Eight Limbs”, Muay Thai involves the fists, elbows, shins and knees. These limbs are meant to mimic weapons used in war and hence are perfect for self-defense as well as real competition fights.

The development that this kind of boxing yields is much more effective to the body and mind than many other boxing techniques. Many practitioners at Chalong Muay Thai camp say that it is one of the top most effective ways of recreation through exercise. They talk of their co-relating benefits that not every other exercise can provide. That’s probably why more people are enrolling in this training every day.

1 Cardiovascular strength

We used to know that cardiovascular diseases come when over 60 years old but nowadays, they are hitting anyone at any age due to the reduced active lifestyle. Muay Thai is both aerobic and anaerobic which extremely demands working of the cardiovascular systems. With continued participation, you’ll be developing endurance and hence can’t be vulnerable to any heart related diseases.

2.Stronger bones and joints

Because Muay Thai involves movement of all limbs, it strengthens bones and joints immensely. Many young people are complaining about knee pain and other arthritis problems due to all the bad health habits they practice. Because the art involves multiple limbs and all kinds of body movement, the flexibility it provides will ensure healthy joints as well. Hips can be a pain as people get older. However, with this exercise, hip mobility is highly maximized and hence will stay strong even as you age. Generally, you’ll be working on muscles all over the body and as strength increases, you’ll be less susceptible to lack of body fitness related diseases. The medical problems that you can avoid with Muay Thai are numerous. Many people have discovered about it and searched for a training camp near them to start the exercise.

3.Reducing aging

This doesn’t come straight to your mind but I’ll definitely explain. When you involve your whole body in movement, you’ll be sweating all over the place and hence dirt from inside your skin will get pushed to the surface. This will save you from the damage that could have been caused by the dirt and hence reduce aging. Also, keeping active in the Muay Thai gym will enhance your heart rate and improve circulation. Improved circulation to your skin always means a healthier look and reduced aging.

4.Powerful Mind

In the training, you can release all the stress you had by kicking and punching as well as focusing on your inner strength. The exercise is not only about the physical part but also the mental. You are taught how to channel your mind for the body to work in different ways and this helps you by a great deal in the boxing as well as overcoming life challenges.

Muay Thai also keeps you alert in a way that you get more conscious about your health. When you lose weight and gain fitness as a result, your mind will be channeled to maintain your body. You’ll find yourself saying no to many bad food habits and gravitate towards foods that maintain your energy. This martial art reinforces the values it teaches you especially discipline and patience in your mind such that you’ll be making more sound decisions.

5.Social Health

When training in any Muay Thai gyms or Chalong Muay Thai camp, you will meet diverse cultured people who are passionate about health and fitness. You will be able to socialize and that will reduce stress or anxiety issues that you may have. A few laughs and real talk will enhance the health of your mind and body.

Apart from socializing, gaining confidence after working on your body will be really easy. A great body means self-confidence. There is no killer like self-consciousness. If someone doesn’t like their body, they’ll suffer from thinking others do not like it too. Negative self-talk is not good for anyone’s health.  Going for an interesting exercise with which you can interact with people and lose weight will boost your self-confidence and increase your happiness.

Muay Thai at  is great for anyone’s health. You can push your personal body limitations and come out stronger. Because the exercise isn’t intensive on one body part, you can get to give strength to your whole body and in the process, develop your mind too. We need to involve our bodies in aerobic as well as anaerobic exercises and if it can come as one [package through Muay Thai, we can say that it is one of the ultimate ways of gaining health.