It has to be stated that high blood pressure is a major problem during the course of pregnancy. This is all the more so for women who are victims of chronic hypertension. This is a situation of high blood pressure that is present well before you do become pregnant. Ideally it tends to take place 20 weeks before you are pregnant and stretches to 12 weeks once you have given birth. It is pretty much on the lines of medicine HIV in pregnancy as it could pose serious complications.

When high blood pressure is diagnosed during pregnancy it could point to the emergence of preeclampsia. This does go on to have a strong relation with high blood pressure in a lot of ways they work out to be different. If you are prone to hypertension before you have gone on to become pregnant, the thought that might strike you is what bearing it is going to have on your pregnancy. In some cases the question is posed whether you could pregnant at all. With blood pressure medication during pregnancy you are provided relief to a considerable extent.

Is it possible to have a healthy pregnancy with a high blood pressure?

It is better to get in touch with your doctor before you do become pregnant. By doing so the health care provider is in a better position to find out whether your blood pressure is under control and from time to time they could review your medications. It has to be stated that there are certain medications that are harmful for both the mother along with the baby during the course of pregnancy.

Once you are pregnant the symptoms of chronic hypertension could go on to worsen. This is in combination with the scenario that you are having preeclampsia. If this is the case then chances of stroke, liver or kidney problems along with heart failure cannot be ruled out. Preeclampsia does occur at an extensive level during the period of pregnancy. This is even if your blood pressure is under control well before pregnancy. If there is chronic hypertension then the chances of developing it does become all the more. In no way it points to the fact that this has to be the case. In general cases the doctor may ask you to opt for labor at an early stage so that any form of pregnancy complications is eradicated to a large extent. If the condition is more severe than the doctor may ask you to opt for a C section.

It is quite possible that your pregnancy could be classified as a high risk one. This is if you have chronic health problems and this includes high blood pressure. Once you are already suffering from hyper tension and do go on to become pregnant, then it has to be classified as a high risk pregnancy.

To conclude, you might have chronic hypertension and still go on to deliver a healthy baby as well.