People often face problems due to dry scalp these days. There are several reasons behind it.

Due to lack of moisture your hair and scalp tends to dry up. This makes your hair looks dull and very lifeless. So it is a necessity to comb your hair with wide toothed combs with wooden bristles so that the tangles can get removed easily. You can apply raw honey on your hair and cover it with a shower cap or a towel for 30 minutes, then wash it off with some lukewarm water. This will seal the natural moisture in your hair and will make it look shiny and less dull. This also gives a natural bounce to your hair.

Buy a shampoo which is absolutely sulphate free and those which are made specifically keeping in mind the damaged hair. Go for a conditioner which is light and belong to the same brand as that of the shampoo. It is said, using the same brand is always good. Natural product enriched shampoos and conditioners are good for damaged hair. You can use best dandruff control shampoo to keep your dandruff attack in control. Do not use hot water to wash the damaged hair. Always try to wash it with cold or normal water. After washing damaged hair, let it dry naturally in natural wind. Do not use a comb, before it gets properly dried.

You need to go for the deep conditioning treatment at least once in a week. This can be done easily at home. Take the conditioner which you use on a regular basis. After shampooing your hair, squeeze the water out of your hair and then apply the conditioner from root to tip of the hair. Use a broad toothed comb to brush your hair, so that the conditioner spreads evenly. Then leave it for at least 10 minutes. Then wash off the conditioner very minutely and enjoy a silky smooth hair in return.

Change your diet plan if you are facing hair loss and other hair problems. Add more iron and proteins in your regular food chart like leafy vegetables, banana, fish, soybeans, milk, cheese and yogurt. The healthy you eat the better stomach and digestion system you have. These effects directly on the quality of the hair you have. Change your eating habit to have a better hair quality.

Use shampoo ketomac if one is facing too much of white flakes. But sometimes only medicated shampoos do not work. One has to try some other ways to reduce dandruffs as well. One can use tea tree oil to reduce dandruffs. Only 2- 3 drops of oil and a good massage in the scalp will do. Also one can use a spoonful of baking soda to scrub the scalp. This is also very useful in dandruff problems. But once the massage is done, one should rinse it off well with a mild shampoo.

Taking care of your hair and dry scalp is very important to avoid these regular problems.