Strong men challenging giant waves on surf boards, beautiful Sheilas tanning on the beach, volleyball, tennis and beer. These are the images that rise up in one’s mind when one thinks of Australians. And why not? Australians as a rule are a fun loving, outdoorsy and cheerful people. But what does their lifestyle consist of. Let’s find out.

The Sea and the Surf

Though Australia is the eight largest country in the world, most of its population is concentrated on the coast. And the sea plays an important part in the day to day life. So yes, there are parties on the beach (with barbecue, of course), surfing, sailing, yachting and everything that you can think of. Many prefer going under the surface and scuba diving to discover the delights of the Great Barrier Reef.

Go to any Australian harbour and you will find the azure sea dotted with white sails. Visit any beach and you will find the golden sands dotted with tanned bodies. The beach also plays an important part of the Australian social life. There will be children building sandcastles together, laying the foundation of lifelong friendships. Teenagers playing beach volleyball. And the older generations simply sunning themselves.

Tennis, and other sports

Check the medals tally in any Olympics. And you will find Australia right there at the top five. They are also great in cricket, rugby, hockey and soccer. Every Australian, no matter what his or her age may be, has a favorite sport. And chances are – he or she plays it regularly. Australians love sports. Not just watching but participating in them. No wonder Australia produce some of the best sportsmen in the world.

There’s always Beer

The neighborhood pub is an important part of any Australian’s life. They are great beer drinkers. Pubs also provide a place where they can congregate and socialise. For those who do not like beer so much, there is wine. Australians produce some of the best wines in the world. And drink in large quantities too.

However drinking binges are not very common. Australians are generally healthy and like to drink in moderation, often as accompaniment to their meals.

Not just Food

Australians love to eat. And eat well. So every meal is an experience to be treasured. There are no people in the world who love food as much as Australians do. Though the base of Australian cuisine is European, there is a lot of Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern and Italian influences. No wonder, Australia has some of the best chefs and restaurants in the world.

A lot of stress is laid on the freshness and quality of the ingredients. Seafood is a perennial favourite – lobsters, shrimp, oysters and of course crabs. Pork, mutton and beef are also consumed regularly, supplied by the many livestock farms dotting inland Australia.

Art, Culture, Music

If you are a theatre lover, Australia is the place to be. Australians write great plays and stage them in numerous theatres that dot their cities. Street theatre and performances are also very common. Music, art, sculpture… all these are not confined to stages and galleries but play an important part of day to day life.

Come experience the lifestyle

Australians are friendly and approachable and are ready to include travellers into their lifestyle. To experience all this first hand, all you need is an Australia visa. Just visit this great country and get to know it firsthand.