Smoking can be a vicious habit that requires a lot of willpower and efforts to quit, irrespective of whether you are a teenaged smoker looking to cut the habit or are a seasoned smoker who requires a pack a day and are now looking to stub out the addiction. If smoking were easy to quit there would be no need for umpteen number of advices, tactics and devices to help cut off the habit. Nicotine can be an addiction for many and thus withdrawing from it requires considerable help over a period of time.

One gradual way to get over the habit of smoking cigarettes is by switching to vaping which consists of using vapes that can be bought by visiting a reputed vape shop Australia online. Vaping is a smokeless alternative to cigarettes and, additionally, the convection vapes do not even get in touch with the herbs (or leaves), thus not emitting any toxins which can cause harm. In fact, there have been certain instances where vaping has helped individuals quit smoking, sans the withdrawal symptoms.

Other tips and tricks that can help quit the habit of smoking include-

Discard all the smoking related paraphernalia and go on a cleaning spree

If there are lighters and ashtrays lying around in the house or in the workplace, they will definitely remind you of smoking and lure you to take a drag again. So, discard all the paraphernalia that is related to smoking immediately from both, your workplace and the house.

The trick is to go on a spree to clean up the entire house once you decide to quit, including washing all your clothes, curtains and carpet etc. The reason is that apart from helping get rid of smoke related articles and keeping the mind preoccupied, it helps clean up the stale smell of smoke and nicotine present in the clothing, curtains, carpet and other places around the house. A thorough cleaning will rid the house of the smell of nicotine and smoke and not remind you of the cigarettes.

Indulge in a hobby or/and exercising

A hobby such as painting or playing a musical instrument or creative writing or pottery or anything that keeps you busy and wards away thoughts of smoking is highly recommended. Cooking is another hobby worth exploring as it keeps you busy and distracted and curbs the cravings for a smoke as you explore various new different tastes and smells.

Taking up a sport or doing some exercises daily and regularly also helps to keep you healthy and divert the attention from thinking about a smoke.

Identity the time when the urge to smoke is most likely and ways to overcome it

Usually, smokers feel like going for a smoke in stressful or demanding situations. Thus in a day identify all the situations where you get stressed and feel the urge to smoke and be prepared for such situations by distracting yourself with other stress busters to overcome the craving of having a smoke. You could either meditate at such times or chant or try to breath slowly but deeply or even use stress busting balls to divert yourself.

These are some tricks that can be used to avoid the trigger to smoke and ways to overcome the craving.