While travelling to some other countries or even states or cities, we remain concerned about number of things. Out of these, we are worried about our health too. It is because chances of falling ill or getting affected with certain health issues are always there due to change in the climatic conditions and dependence upon outside food. At the same time, chances of flare-ups of symptoms of certain chronic illnesses are also there as we travel to other places away from our native place. That is why, the need for medical aid is always there. The fact that medical treatments in foreign lands always cost us heavy amount of money is undeniable in anyways.

Keeping in view the same fact, European Health Insurance Card or EHIC card has been made available for all the residents of EU countries that are above 16 years of age. It means you may keep availing of the medical benefits either free of cost or at reduced prices by using this card while travelling to other countries. You just need to opt for EHIC card renewal in a timely manner to keep using the same and getting benefited appropriately. Let us now have a look at some of the important points that you need to keep in mind when having an EHIC card.

Offers you medical benefits while travelling

It is one of the major and most important points worth keeping in mind when you have an EHIC card. This card entitles you to enjoy medical benefits in any of the countries across EU either totally free of cost or at significantly reduced costs while you are travelling therein. It means you may avail of the medical benefits similar to the local people at the local hospitals or the clinics.

Remain aware of hospitals or clinics where it can be used

When you have an EHIC card, you must remain aware of the hospitals or the clinics in the foreign land where this card can be used and where you intend to travel. It helps you to avail of the medical benefits in an easy manner if so required. Also, it saves your time and efforts.

Remain aware of its expiry date

Of course, you need to remain aware of the expiry date of your card and opt for EHIC card renewal in a timely manner. This, in turn, allows you to keep using your card and avail of all the associated benefits without experiencing any problems or issues whatsoever.

Get the same renewed before expiry

You must surely opt for EHIC card renewal and get your card renewed before it actually expires. It is better to start with the application process 4-6 months before the expiry date so as to rule out chances of any delays in getting the renewed card.

Keep the same with you while travelling

You must always keep your EHIC card with you while travelling. After all, you may avail of all the associated medical benefits only if you have your card with you.

By keeping these important points about EHIC in mind, you may use your card in the best manner possible.