For maintaining a good and healthy relationship, it is very important to be intimate with your partner. Cuddling and loving each other is a part of a happy life. Making love is very good and it helps in improving your heart condition and lower down your stress level. It also helps in strengthening your relationship. But, what will happen if you do not enjoy coming close to your partner? You do not feel the charm and attraction? And you are not getting attracted towards your partner? There can be various reasons you are having poor and boring conjugal life.

  1.    You Are Too Much Tired

Tiredness is one of the main reasons why you are having the interest to come close to your partner. In these days, both of the partners are going to do work and they are returning home tired and exhausted. They are not even getting much time to talk or communicate with each other. Their physical intimacy gets largely affected by this. You might be surprised to know that busy work is hampering your personal life.

  1.    Male Partner Is Having ED

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most common issues that affect a large proportion of men these days. ED or Erectile Dysfunction is the incapability of the male reproductive organ to stand erect at the time of penetration. This lowers down the satisfaction level of the female partner. ED can occur due to lots of factors. The men who are having high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol or pressure can have ED. However, there are medicines available in the market that can reduce the chances of ED. To know more about the medicines and their benefits, readers can follow the link-

  1.    Having Low of Estrogen

Often women suffer from low levels of estrogen. It can be responsible for lower levels of libido. When women reach mid-age, she suffers from a lower level of estrogen in the body which can reduce the sex drive. If you are having similar problems, you can consult with the expert who will provide you the right suggestions about how you can maintain a good libido level.

  1.    Taking Too Many Medicines

The medicines for controlling the high blood sugar level, blood pressure level and cholesterol can affect your conjugal life too. These medicines can put a big toll on your normal health. Hence, it is recommended not to take medicines that are not necessary. Do not ever take drugs without the doctor’s permission.

  1.    Not Getting the Charm Anymore

It happens at times when you are not feeling the same attraction towards your partner. Or you feel that the charm is getting lost. You are not getting involved anymore. Might be you have to change your position, or you have to watch some intimate movies together. Create a romantic environment in your bedroom and listen to soft music. Come close to each other and try to know each other again from the beginning. If nothing is working, you must consult a therapist.

These are some of the reasons you have a poor conjugal life. Among all, ED can be the most obvious one. However, medicines like Viagra can largely help in reducing the problem.