When most couples look for wedding sparklers, they resort to the old standby of bigger is always better. While this may not be true for all things, when it comes to wedding sparklers it’s actually quite a safe bet. The last thing you want to have happen during your wedding is for the sparklers to fizzle out prematurely, so choosing big wedding sparklers is always to right call. Sure, you may end up wanting to put your sparklers out because they are burning for too long, but that is a much easier problem to solve than having them burn out too soon. Here are some things to consider when choosing your big wedding sparklers so your day is as perfect as your love.

What Qualifies as “Big”

The concept of “big” can mean a lot of different things, and when it comes to sparklers it can be a very ambiguous term. In the most basic sense, “big” usually refers to sparklers that are really long, really thick, or both. They make wedding sparklers that are 36 inches long that will burn for over 4 minutes, and those are widely considered to be the biggest type available. However, there are also sparklers that come in shapes such as hearts, and though they don’t look as long, they can actually burn just as long and just as big as other types of long sparklers. Just remember that duration and effects size are two different things, so when in doubt you should test out a few types of wedding sparklers to see what suits you best.

A Way to Extinguish Them

Whenever you buy big wedding sparklers, you need to make sure you have a way to extinguish them. This is good safety practice for all sizes of sparklers, but when you use really big ones the chances of them still burning when you want to extinguish them are much higher. The fastest and easiest way to extinguish a wedding sparkler is to have a large bucket of water on hand so you can dunk the burning tip to put it out. Make sure you put the bucket in an easily accessible area so everyone can find it without any trouble; even if it’s dark outside.

Quality Matters

You should always buy from a quality store, but it’s even more important when you’re buying big wedding sparklers. There’s nothing worse than wedding supplies and decorations that look cheap and tacky except ones that can actually pose a safety concern. Cheaply made sparklers can break apart as they burn, and when you’re using really big wedding sparklers that can cause injury or even start a fire. By purchasing quality sparklers, you can ensure a safe wedding experience for your guests while still reaping the benefits that sparklers have to offer.