Being born with a caul or an En Caul Baby birth are the terms you would heard off? It is termed as a birth where the membrane or amniotic sac remains attached on top of the head. A caul could be considered to be a filmy thin membrane which goes on to cover the head and face of a baby. This is done immediately after their birth.

When it is stated that a baby is born with a caul it means it means that the head of the baby is attached to the membrane or the amniotic sac. A couple of types of cauls are there as one is attached to the face and head, which is looped around the ears of an infant. It is enviable, harmless and can be removed by the doctor in an easy manner. A small incision is incorporated in the membrane and this is done across the nostrils which does help the baby to breathe. At this point the loops and then UN looped again from the side of the ears. Now the question is what needs to be done with regards to the remainder of the caul

  • It has to be carefully peeled from the back of the skin
  • It could be rubbed in a gentle manner with a sheet of paper, and then is peeled from the back of your skin

See to it that it is not removed in a quick manner as it can leave scars on the skin of an infant and in due course of time could lead to permanent scars. As far as the caul membranes most often than not you are likely to preserve it and it is up to the hospital to pass on the information to the parents whether the baby was born with a caul or not. It all boils down to the practice of the hospital. Babies who have had a caul birth are rated to be extraordinary and it has to be stated that they do possess some super natural powers.

There is a difference between a caul birth and an en caul birth. The former occurs where the baby is born outside of the amniotic sac and at birth the sac forms a balloon where the child is outside the broken filmy membrane. It has to be stated that 1 out of 80,000 babies have this type of birth and being an out of the blue birth, there are no wonders to the fact that lot of stories float around it. When it is the case of en caul birth most often than not it is the cause of premature births.

In the days gone by en caul birth was considered to be a form of good luck. In a way it was rated that the child would achieve great things in the days to come. The possession of a caul for the sailors was considered to be a lucky charm as they would not drown during their trips on water.