No surgery is pleasent but there are a few ones that can take sometime to get back from and need a good amount of care to not make things worse. After a foraminotomy, (a procedure to relieve the nerves from the pressure that is due to the compressed due to intervertebral foramina) or diskectomy (the surgical taking out of the part or the whole of the intervertebral disc) you will feel numbness, pain or weakness along the line of the nerve that was constantly under pressure. However these symptoms should become better during the course of the recovery period. However if that is not the case, show your doctor immediately.

The recovery period after a fusion surgery and laminectomy is longer than usual. You will pretty much not be able to return to any normal activities as quickly as you want. If you’re a person who loves her excercise then be prepared for 3-4 months of restlessness because that is the amount of time that is required for your bones to completely heal and sometimes this process can even take longer and stay on till a year or so.

A spinal fusion surgery is a little varied in that sense. It will take an average person who is young a time period of 4-6 weeks to get back to work. However getting back to work doesn’t mean doing a strenuous job and exerting your senses. For an elderly person it takes more than 5-6 months to get back to basic work after coming back from a spine surgery hospital in india. Not just that, the time taken to recover heavily depends on how you were before your surgery. Which means the more you’ve ignored your pain and have let it build up, the more time you’re going to spend on recovery, in a way, making up for the amount of time you’ve caused hurt to your body.

Taking care of the wound

  1. The bandages will start falling off within a time period of 8-10 days. If that doesn’t happen you can show yourself to a surgeon and he will help you with discarding the plaster and bandages. You must also ask your surgeon as to when you can take a proper shower again.
  2. Make sure your wound is not becoming redder as the day passes, swollen or is draining an excess amount of fluid. It shouldn’t feel too warm and neither should it start opening up. However there will be pain and numbness around the incision.
  3. When you take a shower, make sure that your bathroom is completely dry. Dry also translates into safe. Don’t keep anything sharp around and make sure that if your bathroom floor was once slippery, keep mats here and there so that you can use that to balance yourself.
  4. When you have a bath for the first time, take someone’s help and don’t let your embarrassment or ego come in the way. However make sure that you don’t allow the shower spray to get right inside your wound.